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What is rigid PCB?


A rigid PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a type of circuit board that is made from a solid, inflexible substrate material. The substrate material used in rigid PCBs is typically made of fiberglass-reinforced epoxy resin or other high-strength laminates.

Rigid PCBs are commonly used in applications where a high degree of dimensional stability is required. They are also suitable for applications where components need to be mounted in a fixed position, such as in a computer or other electronic device.

Rigid PCBs can have one or more layers, with single-layer and double-layer rigid PCBs being the most common. However, rigid PCBs can also have multiple layers, with four, six, or more layers being possible.

Rigid PCBs are often preferred over other types of PCBs, such as flexible or flex-rigid PCBs, because they offer greater stability and durability. Rigid PCBs are also typically less expensive to produce than flex or flex-rigid PCBs.

Overall, rigid PCBs are a common and reliable option for electronic devices that require high-performance and durability, such as aerospace and military applications, industrial control systems, and consumer electronics.


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