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Can you be allergic to wearing Human Hair Wig?


1. The harm of wearing Human Hair Wig is that it can cause hair loss! If wearing Wig method is not appropriate, on the original hair pulling force, and cover the scalp, it is easy to cause external hair loss!

2. Wearing Human Hair Wig will cause pressure on the original scalp, and long-term binding of hair will cause pathological growth of natural hair!

3. Wig is flammable, Wig filament on the market at present is low temperature, low temperature filament has flammability, so Wig needs fire prevention, protein filament Wig flame retardant.

4. Human Hair Wig belt is too tight, easy to cause scalp discomfort, causing scalp swelling caused by external force!

5. Human Hair Wig is not clean and sanitary, otherwise the material is easy to cause scalp allergic reaction. Wig is not clean and easy to cause allergies. If Wig continues to take a few days, it needs to be cleaned.

6. Dyed Human Hair Wig great harm to human body, the national standard Wig formaldehyde content is less than 75 grams per kilogram, and raw materials are not allowed to decompose aromatic amine, aromatic amine may cause cancer.

In addition, Wig on the head skin will have a certain impact, dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases if people wear Wig, may aggravate the condition. Therefore, wearers should choose from a good quality Wig, preferably with a breathable mesh, but not suitable for prolonged wear. Wig must be regularly cleaned or commonly used comb out sticky dust Wig, keep Wig clean and dry, both healthy, and can extend the service life of wig.


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