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How a miniature Dredger works


Small Dredger is actually a simple Dredger. It is a small aquatic Dredger specially designed and developed for narrow river channels. Although its structure is simple, its functions are still relatively complete.

Although the Dredger is not large, it has very high automation and mechanization, which can automatically complete the sand suction and sand separation operations. It works with sand pumping pump as the main power, the sediment is extracted from the bottom of the river, and then transferred to the designated location of the bank by the sand pumping pipe for screening selection, so as to get the preliminary rough selection of river sand.

Small Dredger can be classified into self-discharging type and ordinary type according to the way of pumping sand. The floating body at both ends of the hull is the sand bin in the middle. Like ordinary small Dredger, it can extract and screen river sand at a speed of 15-150 cubic meters per hour in the water area of 3-15 meters.

Because of its relatively simple operation and high efficiency, so in recent years in addition to sand mining, in the reservoir dredging, reclamation, port and dock cleaning work have been very outstanding performance.

Next, we will introduce the relevant provisions for use:

Before use, it is necessary to check whether the equipment has the operating conditions, including whether the sand suction rod has left the sand layer and whether the ship has run aground.

After starting the Dredger, the suction rod should be slowly lowered into the water. At first, half of the suction rod should be sucked. If everything runs normally, it can continue to be lowered. At the same time, the power device can be stopped only under the premise of ensuring that there is no sand in the suction bucket. Then, the sand barge should be fixed with ropes to ensure that the equipment is not blown away by strong winds when operating in harsh environments, such as strong winds.


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