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How to make a Human Wig


Hair is the raw material for Human Wig: It can be divided into two kinds of Human hair and chemical fiber. The price of human hair is expensive, but its effect is the best. At present, most popular Human Wig in the market is made of chemical fiber filament.

1. Blanking

The first step in making a Human Wig is blanking. Blanking is the cutting of long strands of hair to the length required for a Human Wig.

2. Trim

The two ends of the hair out of the material are equal. The hair is put on the iron comb to mix out the natural amplitude and standard length. If the color is mixed, the color should be even, so that the color is natural.

3. Measurement

Each Human Wig has a specified weight. The measurement is to weigh the specified weight of a hair strand according to the instructions on the design drawing of Human Wig, and then tie it with a rubber band for use.

4. Arrange your hair

The hair arranging machine usually has three heads and a glue box. The measured hair is arranged into a hair curtain through the hair arranging machine and finally through a rubber wheel. This hair curtain is very strong and Human Wig will not lose hair.

5. Cut curtains

The arranged hair curtain is very long, which will affect the operation of the next shaping process, so the cutting curtain is to cut the long hair curtain to not exceed the length of the shaping aluminum tube.

6. Post-Processing

Previously, the hair was taken out of the carton directly. Post-treatment is to wash the hair and soak it in the special treatment solution for Human Wig for 15 minutes to get a nice smooth hair feel, and then remove the water.

7. Modeling

Washing and handling the hair with good hand feel can be modeled. The modeling tools are different according to the different styles of Human Wig. Generally, aluminum tubes are used, which are large and small, so that Human Wig with different sizes and curvatures can be made.

8. Set the style

Why the curvature of Human Wig is not easy to deform? That is the credit of this process. To shape Human Wig is to put it into a high temperature oven, adjust the temperature suitable for hair styling, and then shape it. The time required for styling is not the same for different crimp degrees. Generally, 60-80 minutes is OK.

9: Fake skin

Fake skin scalp, also known as simulation skin, its color and texture are very close to Human skin, high quality Human Wig will be attached to the scalp, this kind of Human Wig gives a more natural and realistic visual effect.


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