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What are the Auto Suspension Parts?


Usually includes Suspension arms, suspension springs, suspension shock absorbers, suspension brackets, suspension bearings, suspension controllers and other Auto Suspension Parts.


1 Connecting the wheel and the frame of the connecting rod, it controls the wheel movement mode and Angle, we often hear the two-arm type, single-arm type, multi-link type, refers to the type of connecting rod.


2 The spring between the connecting rod and the frame is used to support the weight of the body and to cushion the wheel as it passes through uneven obstacles. There are many kinds of springs, such as spiral, steel plate, torque bar, or even a rubber or a capsule filled with air.


3 Shock absorber, its function is to reduce the vibration, in addition to the stability of the body, the more important is to ensure that the wheel and the ground has good contact.

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