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What are the three common problems when using the shot blasting machine?


Through the shot blasting machine cleaning effect is not ideal: insufficient supply of projectiles, appropriate to supplement new projectiles; The shooting direction of the shot peening device is not correct, the size of the shot peening device is not appropriate to adjust the orientation of the window, the size of the re-selected shot; Pellet or use too long, replace the pellet; The bonding plate bolt in the shot blasting device is loose. Tighten the bolt. Uneven shot blasting volume: check whether the pellets in the silo are sufficient; Adjust the flow rate of each pellet; Adjust the gap between the falling sand regulating plate of the separator to make the flow curtain even.

Through the Shot blasting Machine dust removal efficiency is low :Shot Blast Machine dust collector fan wiring error, fan reversal, rewiring shot Blast machine dust collector filter cartridge installation is not firm or damaged, or lack of filter cartridge; Shot Blast Machine dust pipe joint seal is not good, ensure the sealing of all parts; Cleaner parts do not sand out as required, sand residue is too much, dust removal inlet air is too high; Shot Blast Machine The backblowing mechanism of the dust collector is not started or is used less. Dust clogs the filter cylinder. Remove the dust attached to the filter cylinder in time.

Through the operation of the shot blasting machine, there are foreign bodies stuck, remove the bottom of the hoist large particles; Shot Blast Machine lifting belt slip, adjust the drive wheel expansion device, tighten the belt; Shot Blast Machine The shot blast machine at the bottom of the elevator is too much, stop in order to remove the shot blast machine; The Shot Blast Machine has high vibration: serious blade wear, unbalanced operation, symmetrical replacement of mounting blades according to weight; The impeller is badly worn. Replace the impeller body as soon as possible. The impeller body is made of 40 kinds of materials Cr, 20CrMn; The main shaft bearing of the shot blasting device is damaged, which causes abnormal sound and vibration, and is replaced with grease; Shot blasting bolt loose and tight.


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