The brief Introduction to BBO Pockels Cell With Compact Design

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Beta barium borate (BBO) Pockels cells are usually used to change the polarization state of light passing through them when a voltage is applied to the electrodes of electro-optic crystals. Coupletech has a comprehensive range of BBO pockels cells for applications in wavelengths from the UV to the IR, including q-switching of the laser cavity, laser cavity dumping and coupling light into and from regenerative amplifiers, and so on. Especially BBO Pockels Cells are usually used in high pulse repetition rate micro-machining lasers and high-average power lasers for material processing and metal annealing.

Coupletech Co., Ltd., manufactures, develops and markets a variety of optical crystals and devices which are widely used in the field of optoelectronics, Coupletech product line consists of laser crystals including Nd:YVO4, Diffusion Bonded Composite Crystal, Nd:YLF, Cr:YAG, etc.; Nonlinear optical ( NLO ) crystals, including KTP, KTA, BIBO, LBO, BBO, DKDP, KDP crystal, etc.; Fluoride crystals, including CaF2, BaF2, MgF2; Crystal devices including DKDP Q-Switch, LN Q-Switch, BBO Q-Switch; Optical Elements including various Optical Windows, prism, mirrors and lenses.

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